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9) Similarly, the discussions of the emotions in the Rhetoric constitute summaries of what the rhetorician needs to know about the emotional reactions of his audience--their typical causes and objects--rather than Aristotle's own philosophic understanding of the motions.
A minor rhetorician is an anti-Christ who recuperates man's capacity for pain, for pathos (the capacity to be affected), for joy, and for defiance.
Elsa Streitman and Peter Happe preface this diverse set of essays with an introduction that not only highlights the contribution of each author but also offers newcomers a fine introduction to the rhetoricians and their chambers.
As Cyprian, he was an African rhetorician before his faith cost him his job in the Great Persecution.
Rhetoricians, I believe, would agree that force can be a powerful tool of persuasion, but they stop short of characterizing it as a rhetorical device.
the images rhetoricians study are not limited to the Western canon of the fine arts as are the images offered through the Sister Arts tradition, but range through some of the more popular arts such as advertisements, printmaking, and photography .
As a rhetorician Orchard is also able to offer a carefully balanced discussion of the continuing problem of understanding the poem's underlying structure.
But Out of the Dead House is, to my knowledge, the first book-length study by a rhetorician of the "registers," tropes, and other rhetorical strategies employed in women physicians' writing.
Beverly Sauer, a rhetorician and English professor, suggested that "situations become crises when there is no way to analyze the data.
Examining Wilde as a rhetorician, he demonstrates how a logic of reverse arguments is skilfully woven into the `The Decay of Lying' so that conventional opinions are challenged through `the argumentative function of paradox' (p.
A gifted rhetorician but an unbalanced commentator, she chooses extreme examples of "political correctness" to buttress her passion for individual accountability and the free market.
His blustery comments are simply rhetorical boilerplate of a specific sort (a sort Aune the rhetorician curiously leaves unanalyzed).