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An event, circumstance, influence, or element that plays a part in bringing about a result.

A factor in a case contributes to its causation or outcome. In the area of Negligence law, the factors, or chain of causation, are important in determining whether liability ensues from a particular action done by the defendant.

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n. 1) a salesman who sells in his/her own name on behalf of others, taking a commission for services. 2) something that contributes to the result.

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1 a mercantile agent. An agent who is in the ordinary course of business entrusted with goods or documents of title representing goods with a view to their sale. A factor has a lien over goods entrusted to him; this lien covers any claims he may have against his principal arising out of the agency. Most factors will be mercantile agents (and have the powers of such) for the purposes of the Factors Act 1889. Under this Act, in certain circumstances a factor may pass a good title to goods entrusted to him.
2 an institution to whom a company assigns its book debts (see FACTORING).
3 in Scotland a landlord or superior's agent.
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Rheumatoid factor test in our study was found to have sensitivity=66.7%, specificity=92.5%, positive predictive value=85.71%, negative predictive value=80.32%.
Increased rheumatoid factor and deep vein thrombosis: 2 cohort studies of 54 628 individuals from the general population.
The principle findings in this study are that those with elevated levels of rheumatoid factor had higher long term risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
The cases were mainly men over 50 years old with symmetrical synovitis affecting hands and feet with pitting oedema and negative rheumatoid factor. Many cases started suddenly with patients recalling the onset of swelling to the exact hour.
In addition to that stock, the Hepatitis B&C kits are also available in blood bank of the hospital, The MS further clarified that Chemistry Analyzer was procured in the last week of May 2009 and is in functional condition and performing routine test like LFT, Blood C/E, Urine C&E, Blood Urea, Serum Cretinen, Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile, Serum Uric Acid and Rheumatoid Factor etc.
For many years, laboratory diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis has relied on the detection of rheumatoid factor. A new assay that detects antibodies to citrullinated peptides, called the anti-CCP assay, has demonstrated a comparable sensitivity but a much higher specificity than the RF test.
In the meantime, the PCC orders blood tests including blood chemistries, complete blood count (CBC), rheumatoid factor (RF), anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP) antibody, C-reactive protein (CRP), and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).
The rheumatoid factor level was 76.3 IU/mL (normal <15 IU/mL).
But there is a strong link to rheumatoid factor positive - one of the worse forms.
Jenkins has recently tested positive for the Rheumatoid factor as well, which signals the possible onset of Rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmune complication.
She underwent a rheumatologic evaluation and was found to be positive for antinuclear antibodies (1:320); although her rheumatoid factor was negative, she was placed on hydroxyehloroquine sulfate therapy.

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