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Remember that a rhyme is never good so long as one can find a better."
"Yes, my friend," he added, with increasing grief, "it seems that I rhyme in a slovenly manner."
"No; tell me really now whether lumiere does not rhyme with orniere ."
"But give me ornieres and lumieres in the plural, my dear Pelisson," said La Fontaine, clapping his hand on the shoulder of his friend, whose insult he had quite forgotten, "and they will rhyme."
divertissement is called the 'Facheux?' Well, can you make heureux rhyme with facheux?
"Well, if you can rhyme so well, La Fontaine," said Pelisson, "tell me now in what way you would begin my prologue?"
"And I have made a hundred thousand such rhymes in my time."
"It is certain," continued La Fontaine, "that legume , for instance, rhymes with posthume ."
"Yes, above all in the plural, seeing that then it rhymes not with three letters, but with four; as orniere does with lumiere ."
"It is like rivage , which rhymes admirably with herbage .
At times, too, Layamon has neither rhyme nor alliteration in his lines, sometimes he has both, so that his poem is a link between the old poetry and the new.
But when the Normans came they brought a new form of poetry, and gradually rhymes began to take the place of alliteration.