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METHOD. The mode of operating or the means of attaining an object.
     2. It has been questioned whether the method of making a thing can be patented. But it has been considered that a method or mode may be the subject of a patent, because, when the object of two patents or effects to be produced is essentially the same, they may both be valid, if the modes of attaining the desired effect are essentially different. Dav. Pat. Cas. 290; 2 B. & Ald. 350; 2 H. Bl. 492; 8 T. R. 106; 4 Burr. 2397; Gods. on Pat. 85; Perpigna, Manuel des Inventeurs, &c., c. 1, sect. 5, Sec. 1, p. 22.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The DHS already takes steps to minimize this by asking respondents in an early part of the questionnaire whether they have heard of a number of different methods, including the rhythm method, which should help to establish calendar methods as being part of the range of methods of interest; however, the DHS does not currently account for periodic contraception.
She also revealed what many Catholic couples were saying privately: the rhythm method not only didn't work but put extraordinary strain on otherwise happy marriages.
Formed as The Rhythm Method back in 2007, after Richie and Sanders met while playing in South Wales funk band Omega 66, the pair are the only remaining members of the band who released one EP on Cardiff's See Monkey Do Monkey Recordings.
New York, June 4 (ANI): Forty percent teen girls aged 15 to 19 say they've had sex at least once and prefer the rhythm method of birth control, according to new statistics.
Rhythm Method, as the name suggests, will have a sound that is heavy on rhythm and percussions.
I suppose the rhythm method is an option, but almost everyone know how (in)effective that is.
Topics include the mandatory language training of immigrant children in Denmark, a rigidly followed rhythm method used by couples in Poland, Quaker discipline, discipline in governance and the training of trotting racehorses in Finland.
Q MY boyfriend and I have been using the rhythm method of contraception.
Priests embraced the emergence of a medically accurate method of intermittent abstinence (the rhythm method) that promised to enable lay men and women to limit family size within the bounds of theologically acceptable practices.
She bore three children in three years by relying on the rhythm method for birth control.
tracks the rise and fall of the rhythm method, but she is necessarily though not unduly speculative--given the initial paucity of source materials--over the use of the method among Catholics.