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Customers are meant to try on the cups and see what works best, then measure their rib cage.
HABIT: Splaying the ribs Dancers often pop the rib cage out and up to achieve extra height and presence.
The attackers tried to grab the bags and then hit him in the rib cage.
Since rib cage and abdominal motion reflects, respectively, inspiratory rib cage muscles and diaphragm actions (Aliverti et al.
Learning to control the oral and pharyngeal muscles of swallowing must occur upon a trunk and rib cage that are stable, strong, and efficient in movement and breathing.
We hypothesized that patients who fail weaning from mechanical ventilation recruit their inspiratory rib cage muscles sooner than they recruit their expiratory muscles, and that rib cage muscle recruitment is accompanied by recruitment of sternomastoid muscles.
It is also during this phase that the load applied to the oar handle is transmitted through the arms to the rib cage (11).
The 25-year-old aggravated a rib cage problem during the third one-dayer in Lahore on Monday and has been ruled out for two weeks after a medical examination.
Messages are sent to the muscles that surround the rib cage to contract and help lift the rib cage at a faster rate.
The wires at the front should lie flat against your rib cage and should not dig in, rub or poke out at the front.
When I saw it was not coming up I phoned 999 and they told me to give him five pushes on his rib cage but his heart stopped
When you breath in these muscles contract to lift the rib cage and make room for your lungs to expand.