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They struck it with their feet, urging it about the room from wall to wall; pushed and overthrew one another in their struggles to kick it; cursed and screamed and sang snatches of ribald songs as the battered head bounded about the room as if in terror and trying to escape.
The fair girl, with a laugh of ribald coquetry, turned to answer him.
had he beheld ribald fellows, marching in bands of four, beneath his window, and setting him at defiance, in doublets but no shirts, hats without crowns, with wallet and bottle at their side?
I cleared my soul before God and kept my hands-- I had two then--off the ribald crew of the beach when it laughed at this, my latest antic, and wanted to know what was my game.
They will not thank me for reminding them of a tune so lately epidemic in that land of aloes and blue skies; but at least it is unlikely to run in their heads as the ribald accompaniment to a tragedy; and it does in mine.
And if there must be people vowed to crush the harmless fancies and the love of innocent delights and gaieties, which are a part of human nature: as much a part of it as any other love or hope that is our common portion: let them, for me, stand openly revealed among the ribald and licentious; the very idiots know that THEY are not on the Immortal road, and will despise them, and avoid them readily.
Micawber, much affected, 'you will forgive, and our old and tried friend Copperfield will, I am sure, forgive, the momentary laceration of a wounded spirit, made sensitive by a recent collision with the Minion of Power - in other words, with a ribald Turncock attached to the water-works - and will pity, not condemn, its excesses.'
There were some ribald verses made at the time, and Louis XIV was congratulated on the possession - I really don't remember how it goes - on the possession of:
Steve Buscemi plays a racist old farmer who wears a red cap embroidered with the slogan "Keep America White Again," but exchanges ribald pleasantries with his African American pal (played by Danny Glover) at the diner.
'Special thanks to #WaNaa (Paramount Chief of Wa), all the Chiefs Of Wa, The Sub-Chiefs, HighGradeFamily Fans Wa, Zeetown Wa, all the Ghettos in Wa and everybody back home for the warm reception and ribald welcome ahead of my #UNTAMED Album release, my 7th Studio Album.
The portrait, by fictional painter "van Klomp", was a running joke, often concealed in a knackwurst sausage, providing endless opportunities for ribald jokes.
Japitana, remembers Rico J, who is known for his ribald jokes on stage, as a generous man.