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At Ditchling, where he painted several small scenes based on the Roman Marytyrology, a book read aloud at lunch, the more ludicrous incidents in the lives of the martyrs provoked mirth and even ribaldry. One of Jones's favourites, Dilworth relates, 'concerned a saint who refused as an infant to look at his mother's breasts on Friday, the day Catholics abstained from meat.' Self-deprecating humour, with a painful undertow, is evident in Jones's small picture of himself and his betrothed, Petra, entitled The Garden Enclosed.
He added: "This was a genuine concern of mine, written with a degree of friendly ribaldry.
Ribaldry in other contexts veers toward the farcical.
The exaggerated Irish wordplay, the ribaldry, the poverty rendered tragicomic - it's undeniably showy penmanship, but crucially it doesn't feel forced.
For how much time is the travel authority suggesting will be made available for mate-orientated ribaldry as a result of buying this season ticket?
SIBLING RIBALDRY "You're just a s*** Paul Pogba," chanted the Aberdeen fans to the Manchester United superstar's wee brother, Mathias, as he warmed up.
This longing infuses all his work and explains how this purveyor of the most beautiful, delicate, simple songs - The Weeping Song, The Ship Song, Brompton Oratory and Into My Arms are some of tonight's most gorgeous examples - also boasts works spewing rage, ribaldry, venom, filth and fury.
He was a stem moralist and intellectual elitist, and his satiric techniques (irony, sarcasm, ridicule, reductio ad absurdum, ribaldry) continue to offend some readers, especially women whom he often diminished in explicit scatological verse (1730s).
As in any classroom, there's the odd cheeky question - "Why aren't you riding at the festival this year, Rishi?" - and the occasional moment of ribaldry. Calvin's enthusiasm for Thomas Crapper in the last race of day one produces raucous cheers and cries of "Go on the Crapper!" For the most part, though, it's a studious atmosphere with four days of intense betting examinations almost upon us.
Non-sufferers often consider the affliction to be a trifling malady and the subject for ribaldry.
Beyond his talent he is also known for his oscillating friendship with another of our best-known novelists, the late Kingsley Amis, who he met at Oxford and with whom he shared a taste for drink, wicked ribaldry, misogyny and a casual racism.
We had seen the videos of the original and we realised it would be hilarious to do the impersonations combined with ribaldry and its fast- forward pace," says Bhakta.