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Mademoiselle Cormon was thought to be one of the richest persons in the town: the poor lad had therefore been led to love her by desires for material happiness, by the hope, long indulged, of gilding with comfort his mother's last years, by eager longing for the ease of life so needful to men who live by thought; but this most innocent point of departure degraded his passion in his own eyes.
Analysis of budgets also found the richest 10% spend more each week on furniture than the poorest on food.
Here's a look at what it found for the Texans on the richest and poorest lists.
THE UK's poorest households pay a higher share of their income in tax than the richest, figures show.
New York/Mumbai: Industrialist Mukesh Ambani on Monday regained his position as the world's richest Indian with a networth of $19.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Real estate dominates the investments of Turkey's wealthiest individuals, a latest list of the richest Turks shows.
Summary: Italy has the fourth largest share in Europe of the world's richest 47 million people, according to a report from the British charity Oxfam.
ISLAMABAD -- Global inequality is on the rise as wealth at the disposal of the richest one percent will surpass that of the other 99 percent in 2016, charity organization Oxfam says.
The rich are getting richer and they'll soon own more than the rest of world population, says a new report that has estimated that the richest 1% will have as much wealth as the other 99% combined by next year.
The richest people on Earth got richer in 2014, adding $92 billion to their collective fortune in the face of falling energy prices and geopolitical turmoil incited by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
BRITAIN's richest people, from Jamie Oliver to the Queen, are better off than ever before with a combined fortune of PS518.
Bill Gates has reclaimed world's richest person title from Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico after four years.