richly endowed

See: opulent
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Many were the inquiries she was eager to make of Miss Tilney; but so active were her thoughts, that when these inquiries were answered, she was hardly more assured than before, of Northanger Abbey having been a richly endowed convent at the time of the Reformation, of its having fallen into the hands of an ancestor of the Tilneys on its dissolution, of a large portion of the ancient building still making a part of the present dwelling although the rest was decayed, or of its standing low in a valley, sheltered from the north and east by rising woods of oak.
Casaubon had not been richly endowed with those gifts, and that it would be well to caution Dorothea in time.
But the transition from a commonplace nature to one that is richly endowed, demands always a more or less breakneck leap over a certain abyss which yawns threateningly below; and thus must the sudden change with the clerk strike the reader.
Your majesty has been richly endowed by God," said the officer, in the same tone.
We are not so richly endowed in possessions as in age; but perhaps you will put THAT in your book, among other things, and call attention to our wrongs.
Because heaven has so richly endowed you with the arts of war, you think that you must therefore excel others in counsel; but you cannot thus claim preeminence in all things.
The president said Pakistan is richly endowed with bright and young people.
This is a subject very much on Irish minds in the wake of no British contender for the richly endowed Matthews.
Shinas : The Wilayat of Shinas in the Governorate of North Al Batinah is richly endowed with a variety of geographical terrains -- the plains, the valley and the mountain range in the west -- making it a tourist attraction that features many a site embodying the natural beauty of Oman.
Similar to adjoining 28M oz Porgera gold mine; richly endowed gold belt
The Niger Basin catchment areas are richly endowed with the waters of the River Niger which we can use for agricultural purposes, water supply, and hydro power generation.
And here we have another richly endowed talent in Nadherzdha Stoianova.

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