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The Ricochet network platform utilises a combination of Sansay and Sonus switches, proprietary-peering, as well as routing and rating engines supplied by GCS.
Ricochet wouldn't stop chasing birds, an action that could endanger someone paired with her who used a wheelchair or had other mobility limitations.
Ricochet Labs is in the process of selling the QRANK technology to another game company.
Multimedia news and information company The New York Times Company announced on Thursday the launch of Ricochet, a new approach to digital marketing.
The recording technology of Ricochet will be installed in Oman s main international airports; Muscat and Salalah and four regional airports in Sohar, Ras Al Hadd, Duqum and Adam.
The interviewer reported, "I was introduced to Ricochet on one of those calm clear winter days when a bright sun mocks the bitter-cold temperature.
Anyone wishing to take part should contact Ricochet on 020 7251 6966 or e-mail either Diene.
information capture vendor, has unveiled Ascent Ricochet 6.
Linksys Ricochet Router gives a new capability to Richochet users.
The rich media content portal is based on Microsoft Windows Media Technology and can be accessed wirelessly using a Ricochet high-speed modem in conjunction with any handheld computing device running the Pocket PC operating system and the new Windows Media Player 7.
Nasdaq:MCOM), a high-speed wireless data company, has implemented a self-service activation for 128 kbps Ricochet high-speed mobile access customers.
Nasdaq:MCOM), a provider of mobile data networking and technology, has launched Ricochet Private Network service including its new Wireless Access Server System.