rid oneself of

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The unique challenge of downsizing after a life in a family-size home is how to rid oneself of things.
Retired government worker Gallivan said: "Hajj is not a vacation, it's a spiritual event and it's an invite to rid oneself of material goods and be one with God.
Examining the autobiographies of three progressive southerners, Katharine Du Pre Lumpkin's The Making of a Southerner (1947), Lillian Smith's Killers of the Dream (1949), and Willie Morris's North Toward Home (1967), Hinrichsen, in chapter three, argues that although these writers repudiate the racist underpinnings of white domination in the South, their stories of the past reinforce how deeply the fantasies of white mastery have impacted their daily lives and how hard it is to rid oneself of these fantasies.
The volume's title appeals to the personal possibilities of such a condition, like being able to rid oneself of the need to keep at the activity of praying.
Another example from the Remove list is to rid oneself of parasites.
Because if there's a place anywhere in Wales more perfect to rid oneself of the strains of a busy working life, then I certainly haven't found it.
Eastwood treats this theme even more directly in Mystic River, a film in which child abuse, the stealing of someone's life, arrogance, and the quest for power all reflect an inability to rid oneself of the past and point up the meaninglessness of life.
Although it's entirely normal to acquire earworms, it's not that easy to rid oneself of them once they've burrowed in.
Still, it is difficult to rid oneself of the bad taste--literally and metaphorically.
A vague promise is made to rid oneself of all this excess baggage.
But however elegantly the curators take up these problematics, and even if they in many cases press the right buttons to activate them in the show, it is hard to rid oneself of the impression that "2010" mainly entertains a mimetic relationship to such discussions.
Removing Thomas Becket from the face of the earth seems like child's play, compared to the much knottier problem of knowing how one may rid oneself of the tiresome problem of receiving unsolicited text messages on one's mobile.