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As the last question, they asked what I would do if students ridiculed the professor in the classroom," he said.
BEIRUT: Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt has ridiculed the Syrian legal notices accusing him and a Lebanese journalist of undermining Syria's reputation.
Previous reports had pointed out the abusive language licensesd in the show and highlighted those instances where the contestants had ridiculed another with derogatory terms based on their sexual preference.
Several other Facebook pages ridiculed Amr, calling "The flip flop star" and "Flip flop Jan".
He also ridiculed the attempts of some circles to allude about existence of differences at the National Congress ranks in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan States.
An interesting analogy for uswhite peoplewould be us living in a predominantly black country and being ridiculed.
Sessions will cover obituary cartoons (many of which are ridiculed for their predictability and sentimentality), soldiers wounded in Iraq (San Antonio is the first stop for many of these veterans when they return to America), immigration, how contest judges perceive cartoons, Lyndon Johnson (who was a fan of cartoons), and more.
We work so hard to get a film that shows our womanhood and connection to family with sympathy, only to have it ridiculed with knee-slapper jabs and references to Felicity's character, Bree, as a "man.
Ridiculed by friends for sleeping with other girls in his girlfriend's bed, Karma's A Bitch is the story of Tony's exploits in robbing a convenience store, stealing from friends, his girlfriend, and people he has never met, all of which eventually leading him to an ultimate repercussion from of an intense load of karma.
THE Tories have ridiculed a claim by Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt that the NHS has had its best year ever.
The President has been ridiculed in the past for his Bush-isms, such as made-up words like misunderestimated.
Church leaders have expressed concern that Christians entering the Big Brother house could face being ridiculed and warned that they would find it a real test of their faith and character.