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His decision has the backing of the majority of French citizens; his detractors are comparing his decision to the Nazi policy of rounding up Jews during WWII, a position Sarkozy, of course, flatly denies and ridicules.
He ridicules concerns about education costs and performance as a "corporate" agenda item and attacks education "privatizers" for relying on "racist and sexist assumptions, stereotypes, metaphors, and representations to further their goals of bashing public schools.
Moskal ridicules attempts by Poland's leadership to offer restitution to Jews and implies Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, generally considered a resistance hero, was a Nazi collaborator.
I've been subject to ridicule by students and student organizations.
I must say that the discreet way this portrait freely registers his libido as it ridicules the superego-strangling cold-war potentates broadcasts a flawless impression of where Martin's heart was, and where, I believe, his work will finally bargain for its place in the history of art.
Flecknoe's picture of himself as a ladies' man contrasts with Andrew Marvell's account in his poem "Flecknoe, an English Priest at Rome," which ridicules Flecknoe's threadbare asceticism and bad verses.
English poet, dramatist, and traveler whose writings are notable for both the praise and the ridicule they evoked.
This joke does not just ridicule PML-N, or Nawaz Sharif.