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While the charges can be serious 6 ridiculing Islam or leaders of Muslim countries, or even allegations of such actions, can lead to stiff penalties in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab-Muslim world 6 Youssef may be shielded by his popularity and public status in ways commoners would not be.
Imran Khan said that the only way to counter this is for the Muslim Ummah to act in a concerted fashion and make sure that laws are passed in Western countries that prescribe punishment for those ridiculing religions or religious beliefs of Muslims.
The bench in its order noted that prima facie, after going through the contents of the press conference, Malik Riaz had attempted at ridiculing the court and the judges of this court.
He was ridiculing the fact that there is corruption in the Indian political system.
The singing and dancing became more frenzied as Nalako blew his trademark horn and sang his age-old song ridiculing an unmarried man as a worthless dog that deserves no respect.
To the Republicans, nothing was more important than satisfying the crowd's anti-gay zealotry, even if it meant ridiculing one's own blue state or making the nutty assertion that gay marriage represents the greatest threat to civilized society, while not mentioning terrorism, genocide, or the two Americas (the John Edwards version, not the George Allen version).
Still, "By the publication of the cartoons, freedom of speech has been used to cause pain by ridiculing peoples' religion, values and dignity.
Allen, who has spent most of his career exploring and ridiculing the sexual and romantic neuroses of our (and his) inner adolescent, asks such absurdities as "Do aphrodisiacs really work?
I wonder if the BBC would be so determined to broadcast a similar item ridiculing the Muslim or Sikh religion and Deities.
Journalists at large immediately began the nitpicking and the ridiculing by tracing the appointment of this or that judge to Conservative rather than Liberal authorities.
once people denigrate your symbols, it's a matter of time before they say, 'If people worship these symbols, they're worth ridiculing.
Chesnutt's The Wife of His Youth and Other Stories of the Color Line contains stories ridiculing the arrogance of whites ("The Passing of Grandison") and the color prejudice of mulattos ("The Wife of His Youth" and "A Matter of Principle").