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O'Broin, an Irishman working in Silicon Valley, publishes articles excoriating "Oirish" stereotypes and ridiculing the dumb Americans who fall for them.
No, it was clearly ridiculing how we stereotype people, a theme Newman has returned to a number of times.
Jamieson criticizes Bush for ridiculing Dukakis, who opposed the MX and Midgetman, only to turn around and advocate their elimination himself in October 1991.
Besides the three charges 6 insulting the president, ridiculing Islam, reporting false news 6 a fourth unannounced charge has reportedly been leveled against the TV host.
The bench in its order noted that prima facie, after going through the contents of the press conference, Malik Riaz had attempted at ridiculing the court and the judges of this court.
He said that PML-N was not responsible for fostering the evils of militancy and terrorism, while those ridiculing us would soon be ridiculed themselves", he scoffed.
The writer has chosen to remain anonymous since he must be afraid of Mr Al Zaidi himself should he ever get to read his letter ridiculing Mr Buneeri's noble thoughts.
It's a difficult task for freethinkers to refrain from ridiculing religions, but it's necessary that we do so.
The international press picked up the story and headlines soon started appearing ridiculing Fox.
Their leader, General Thade (Tim Roth), is an ambitious, arrogant, and militant chimp who becomes enraged at humans who make eye contact and entertains dinner guests by ridiculing the notion of Homo sapiens with souls.
Quayle, least it be forgotten, was mercilessly crucified for commenting that the television character Murphy Brown had set a negative example by ridiculing the importance of fatherhood and family.
He was sentenced on June 9 to five years in jail for insulting sanctities, ridiculing the Quran and dishonoring the holy book of the Muslims," the paper quoted a Quran scholar and plaintiff in the case, Abbas Salimi Namin, as saying.