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Expecting a quick fix through brute force by newly appointed HM is ridiculously naive," she tweeted.
"But there is a very pernicious and difficult, darker side to it on so many levels - especially with kids looking at such a ridiculously idealised world and imagining that's how life should be."
"I am ridiculously lucky with my career, being able to tour the world with The Grand Tour and talk about people's cars.
"To do what they have done, knowing they were out beyond the curfew - I actually thought the curfew was very generous at 12pm - and then to do something ridiculously stupid like that, beggars belief.
They make a difficult job look ridiculously easy and the way Ant has gone public on his current predicament just makes me admire him more.
I'm excited to host series two and start watching all those ridiculously hot people get it on!
Interestingly, the subtitle of the book is, "preparing for the ridiculously optimistic future of business." Our challenge as a full-service professional association is to be attractive to all of our members and potential members, while preserving the legacy of previous generations that have created the foundation from which we work.
The 31-year-old said she became "ridiculously worked up" over the cake and the pressure saw her burst into tears.
"Implicating the FAB (with DAP) is ridiculously malicious," Alonto said.
Rent is a ridiculously low +-$4.00/sq ft plus utilities are capped at another ridiculously low amount!
Summary: Chris Moyles has revealed he is "ridiculously excited" about going on tour with musical Jesus Christ Superstar.