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CROP. This word is nearly synonymous with emblements. (q.v.),
     2. As between the landlord and tenant, the former has a lien; in some of the states, upon the crop for the rent, for a limited time, and, if sold on an execution against the tenant, the purchaser succeeds to the liability of the tenant, for rent and good husbandry, and the crop is still liable to be distrained. Tenn. St. 1825, c. 21; Misso. St. 377; Del. St. 1829, 366; 1 N. J. R. C. 187; Atk. Dig. 357; 1 N. Y. R. S. 746; 1 Ky. R. L. 639; 5 Watts, R. 134; 41 Griff. Reg. 671, 404; 1 Hill. Ab. 148, 9; 5 Penn. St. R. 211.
     3. A crop is not considered is a part of the real estate, so as to make a sale of it void, when the contract has not been reduced to writing, within the statute of frauds. 11 East, 362; 2 M. & S. 205; 5 B. & C. 829; 10 Ad. & El. 753; 9 B. & C. 561; but see 9 M. & W. 501.
     4. If a husband sow land and die, and the land which was sown is assigned to the wife for her dower, she shall have the corn, and not the executors of the husband. Inst. 81.

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The state investigation also found Augustus used the riding crops and whips as a "desire to exert dominance over her female patients and her inability to accept personal responsibility," according to NBC-affiliated television station WMC. 
But it was a great lesson, even if reinforced by a riding crop to the steel pot--never get too comfortable with your equipment.
"That you considered it appropriate to hit children, albeit on the hand, with a riding crop, demonstrates that you are a cruel man." The judge told the jury that the man's partner's initial refusal to help the police "spoke volumes about the way that poor woman's mind has been manipulated by the defendant on trial".
I bought boots, shoulder chains and a riding crop from Scully's, the military outfitters in downtown Montreal.
Later in the video a woman in sexy bodywear goes from slapping her palm with a riding crop to whacking the hand of a dandy in lace cuffs to finally riding him across the frame while spanking his behind.
A further picture depicts a woman wearing only boots and carrying a riding crop walking along a lane with a horse.
Ten-month-old boxer puppy HUGO is back on full form after he swallowed a 21-inch riding crop and had to be operated on by vets in Newton Abbot, Devon.
She felt a pain to the back of her leg and turned to see that Gordon had hit her with a riding crop he had taken from the wall.
But under whose bed did I leave my Hermes riding crop?" as well as "Giving airport security a lesson in garter belts this morning." ( ANI )
And I remember still managing to be shocked when he came out as gay a few years later, despite having built a career on wearing leather chaps, peaked caps and sporting a riding crop. Ah, the naivety of youth.
Robot jockeys - a remote controlled riding crop which whirrs round - are operated by owners following the race, literally, in their cars.
Perhaps take a riding crop along with her to encourage the sluggards.