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Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Northern, Southeastern, Coast, Central and Nairobi are already experiencing heavy rains.
He and the Kanu boss agreed to work together despite their rivalry to control the vote-rich Rift Valley.
Timeline: MQM-Pakistan rift over Senate nominations
The app will allow Vive owners to use all of the same Spaces VR features that are available on the Oculus Rift.
Subject to Rift achieving certain development milestones with this initial funding, SalvaRx has the option to invest up to an additional USd1,500,000 at the same valuation and to acquire all outstanding shares of Rift in exchange for new shares in SalvaRx on the same basis.
At the moment we are having video content made of every single hotel and within the next six months, all properties will be on Oculus Rift.
If you are looking to invest in the Oculus Rift, here is a look at the PC system requirements, which Oculus recommends you have, to take advantage of the Rift.
The company added that every Rift will come bundled with the
Rift Valley said its acquisition of Arlington further strengthens the capabilities of its aerospace and defense platform, which also includes Crow Precision Components and M/M Manufacturing.
In this issue's Species Spotlight, Timber Products veneer expert Eric Cullen shares his insight on White Oak and the differences between true rift and false rift.
If you've left it to the last minute and keep putting it off as the thought of completing forms fills you with dread, you can get help from the UK's leading tax refund expert RIFT.