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Rifting begins when hot currents carry magma up from the mantle, causing the crust above to bulge.
The Pontresina workshop was held to discuss the recent findings from the Newfoundland margin, how they relate to the conjugate margin, and the rifting processes that led to the present margin configurations.
Rifting did not destroy the crustal root, but rather reactivated it by magmatic activity.
Isotopic excursions may be regional in scope resulting from the formation of restricted basins during the rifting of Rodinia where waters in enclosed or semi-restricted basins are in disequilibrium with global surface oceans (Shields et al.
It is bounded on the east by a stable eraton that was extended during Proterozoic and Paleozoic rifting events and on the west by the actively deforming convergent/transform margin of the eastern Pacific Ocean (Gabrielse and Yorath, 1991).
Previously, scientists seeking to explain the origin of this break have been unable to choose between two rival rifting theories, but geophysicists recently pulled up evidence from the ocean floor that they say settles the debate.
Leg 103: By drilling in the Galicia margin off Spain, scientists on Leg 103 took an important stab trying to document the rifting process that tore apart Africa and Europe from North America 150 Myr ago as the Atlantic Ocean opened.