right arm

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According to several eyewitnesses, Fernando fainted as she was getting off the train and fell onto the railway tracks - getting caught between the first and second train cars when her right arm was cut off.
He had a wound on his right arm probably because he tried to block the shot.
SRINAGAR -- Incarcerated Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Mohammad Yasin Malik has been admitted to SKIMS Soura after he suffered severe infection attack in his right arm and suffered from high fevers.
Start with your right arm at your side, with your elbow bent 90 degrees.
This surgery was a bit like ballet, said Lattanza, who led the team that transplanted Cook's left elbow into his right arm.
THE number of moles on your right arm is an indicator of how likely you are to get skin cancer, a new study suggests.
HAVING more than 11 moles on your right arm could indicate you have a higher-than-average risk of skin cancer or melanoma, new research has found.
The child was found to have Erb's palsy of the right arm.
He has a number of distinguishing marks including a scar on his lower left leg and right eyebrow, a tattoo saying "Michelle" on his lower right arm and one saying "Bimbo" on his lower left arm.
The regional hospital doctors told him that his hand could be attached but only if his entire right arm can recover from the injury.
While in custody, she sustained a fracture to her right arm.
Patna: A gang in Bihar chopped off the right arm of an eight-year-old girl who was the main witness in the kidnapping of her four-year-old brother.