right away

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Why, she'd begin to doubt, right away, and imagine a lot of sicknesses and dangers and objections, and first you know she'd take it all back.
I won't waste no time a-cryin', but git your things ready right away, mum," she said heartily, as she wiped her face on her apron, gave her mistress a warm shake of the hand with her own hard one, and went away to work like three women in one.
It was getting late, and I was afraid if it wasn't done right away that I shouldn't have it done at all, and you know when I start to do a thing, I hate to give it up.
And when he had finished his song, he spread his wings, and with the chain in his right claw, the shoes in his left, and the millstone round his neck, he flew right away to his father's house.
To meet all the junk removal needs, Right Away Rubbish Removals in Sydney is now offering "Same Day" rubbish removal services in the Sydney Metro Area.
And for us to really have a good chance today, important thing is we accept the change, embrace the change right away and move forward right away,' Racela, whose squad improved to 6-3, said.
I was preparing for Under-20s on Thursday but then Huddersfield signed a new left-back and right away I was flying up to Glasgow to agree a five-month loan deal with Thistle.
Wellington, Mar 22 ( ANI ): Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer has said that he felt comfortable and relaxed right away in his opening match of the Sony Open, where he beat Croatian player Ivo Karlovic on Friday.
But if you notice pain, itching, burning, or bleeding that isn't a period, you should talk to an adult you trust right away.
When asked about the settlement issue on CNN, Netanyahu said he was willing to discuss it right away but, when asked about an extension on the moratorium on building, he said, Let's just get into the talks and one of the things we'll discuss right away is this issue of settlements and that's what I propose doing, he said.
Following the unprecedented rush for the marathon this year, which resulted in forcing us to close entries two weeks before the run, we decided on the date for the next marathon right away even before the start of this year's marathon," said Ahmad Al Kamali, the General Co-ordinator of the Dubai Marathon and President of the UAE Athletics Federation, at WestIn Hotel yesterday.
Another 14% said they look for a temporary solution to the problem, and 19% said they do nothing right away.