right hand

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At the same instant the ape-man dropped from an overhanging limb full upon the lion's back and as he alighted he plunged his knife into the tawny side behind the left shoulder, tangled the fingers of his right hand in the long mane, buried his teeth in Numa's neck and wound his powerful legs about the beast's torso.
Lizzie took her right hand from the scull it held, and touched her lips with it, and for a moment held it out lovingly towards him: then, without speaking, she resumed her rowing, as another boat of similar appearance, though in rather better trim, came out from a dark place and dropped softly alongside.
The patterns of a twin's right hand are not the same as those on his left.
As for thee, Little John," said Robin, turning to him and laughing, "thou wilt start once more for Ancaster, and we will go part way with thee, for I will not have thee turn again to either the right hand or the left till thou hast fairly gotten away from Sherwood.
You need to feel your right hand strikingly soft before you start your swing.
1 ( ANI ): Baseball players, who bat left-handed, but throw with their right hand are more likely to have a successful career, than players who bat and throw left-handed, finds a recent study.
Right Hand HR in addition possess a proprietary cloud-based HR IT system application, designed to decrease administrative burdens and staff management costs, called PeopleLog.
But he revealed on Twitter he had another break, in his right hand, after having MRI scans near his home in Monaco.
Start by throwing the ball in the front of your right hand in an arc to your left hand.
Keep a firm pressure on the rope with the fingers of the left hand while the rope is being pulled by the right hand.
Once I have my left hand around the vertex, I grab my left wrist with my right hand and lift cephalad until the vertex is easily delivered anteriorly.