right of choice

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After what happened with the electoral roll and the statements of high-ranking SDSM officials who wonder whether our agenda is about Macedonia and whether we have the right of choice, time has really come for us to ask ourselves whether there are any rational men left in this country?
The leaders urged the Indian government to immediately vacate J&K and give the democratic right of choice to Kashmiris.
Will he tell readers how genuinely qualified he is to judge, how well informed and valid are his opinions whom so many others think differently, how many such schools he has experience of, whether he recognises the parental democratic human right of choice to educate their children and whether he would deny it to them, though they pay the same taxes as everyone else.
It is a cruel irony that we have such a self-indulgent culture that some of us are demanding the so called right of choice and placing the onus of taking life on medical professionals, who have an ethical duty to first do no harm.
They impose nothing of the sort, all they want as Welsh speaking people living in Wales is the right of choice to speak their native language, in all honesty it shouldn''t be a big deal,but for some reason it is.
During the debates of the National Insurance Act, the opposition Tory Health spokesman, Dr Charles Hill, said: "This (the NHS) will mean that people will only be treated by the 'Government's doctor' with no right of choice - a bureaucratic tyranny.
As Islam values people's freedom and ensures their right of choice, the offenses against God's rights are left to God to deal with.
What can never be defended is a powerful bureaucratic machine which rolls on remorselessly taking away our right of choice.
It is every freethinking individual's right of choice in a democratic country.
We shouldn't be judging Ruth as we live in a democratic country and have the right of choice.
If society's culture is to demand the right of choice to abort, then we have denied unborn children all legal protection.