right of entry

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British passport-holders have a right of entry to the UK.
Meanwhile, in 2008, the German judiciary noted that under German law the prisoner had lost his right of entry and his right of stay "in particular because he can re-offend".
Supply chain companies should be toughening their terms and conditions - even insisting on right of entry to customers' premises to seize goods supplied but not paid for - in order to weather the worsening economic storm.
If this is the case, you should first check to see if there isn't a Right of Entry in the property's legal documents.
The 33rd (Lancashire and Cheshire) Signal Regiment (Volunteers) was awarded the Freedom of the Borough of Knowsley in 1980, and is now exercising its Right of Entry.
Anyone found guilty of the behaviour to which Johnston refers risks having the crucial right of entry withdrawn, which would, in effect, remove the ability to carry out their jobs.
The treatment is organized chronologically from the acceptance of rental applications to security deposit requirements upon tenant vacancy, covering, along the way, such topics as lease and rental agreements, rent and rent control, discrimination, property managers, cotenants and sublets, repair and maintenance duties, liability for dangerous conditions and criminal acts and activities, landlord's right of entry and tenants' privacy, terminations and evictions, dispute resolution, and lawyers and legal research.
Farese's letter also states: "The Board of Health and its authorized agents will continue to be granted right of entry at reasonable hours upon written request.
Until May this year, when the case of Pirabakaran v Patel was decided, landlords were able to forfeit such a lease as soon as rent went unpaid by exercising their right of entry and sending in bailiffs to lock up the shop.
She realised she spoke with too much authority as if she had automatic right of entry.
Under the council's powers Whitefriars is provided with right of entry to undertake any resulting necessary works to our property, in this case number 52.