right of ownership

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Fasihuddin, a police officer, said that he himself witnessed the long and complicated process and delays that deprived people of right of ownership in their life time.
Al Sayed was also pleased to highlight the numerous advantages of Diar Dushanbe, which includes being the first development to grant foreigners the right of ownership.
Industry Minister in Istanbul: 100% right of ownership for foreigners in Bahrain.
of any particular number has no right of ownership and no right to sell their
The Ministry of Transport and Communication decided to simplify the procedure of transfer of the right of ownership of a building land and suggested modifications to the law on building land, under which some 10,000 families having bought land in the 1970s but have no sales contracts certified by court will soon be issued deeds to claim ownership.
The judge ruled businesses do not have an "enforceable proprietary claim" to staff email content unless that content can be considered to be confidential information belonging to a business, unless business copyright applies to the content, or unless the business has a contractual right of ownership over the content.
When attempting to tackle "infringers", some companies struggle to establish their right of ownership and origin of the material on the website.
The new accord increases Europeans' right of ownership in Brazilian airlines - and vice versa - to 49% in the future.
3(l)(a) of the Criminal Code of intentionally possessing a slave and of intentionally exercising over a slave a power attaching to the right of ownership (namely, the power of use).
The leaders of these Baloch nationalist groups stressed that the main objective of the Baloch people's struggle was recognition of their right of ownership of the resources and coast of Balochistan and maximum provincial autonomy.
If they are, and they have agreed to it - or even if they have simply condoned it - then they will be deemed to have exercised their right of ownership, and you yourself will therefore have no legal rights whatsoever.
Geode also raises legal objections on the basis of the constitutionally guaranteed right of ownership.