right of passage

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The right of passage through an international strait, known as a transit passage, is unique at international law.
estate's owner causes in utilizing the right of passage. (40) This
Why is it considered a right of passage for higher education?
Here cyclists dodge between pedestrians and street furniture, witness the near misses, collisions and gestures from cyclists who assume a right of passage. There are no segregating markings so it is a dangerous mix of those on wheels and foot.
"That is kind of a right of passage as you transition from being a (junior) enlisted Soldier to a noncommissioned officer," Preston said of the gold braid.
It has almost become an accepted part of some perverse "right of passage" and is a sad reflection on what should be a caring profession, not only for those entrusted into our care but, perhaps more importantly, for our peers whom we work alongside day after day.
Kennedy award for "Manhood Behind Bars," a story for NPR, which documented how jail has become a right of passage for men of all races.
It is well established that, though the reds may own the land through which these roads pass, they do not own the right of passage over the land.
For most of us it feels like an enforced activity, an insufferable right of passage that all students must do and no one likes.
If the waters of the territorial sea form an "international strait", then there is a right of passage for international shipping through that strait.
In a time when more and more Australians travel to Gallipoli or walk the Kokoda trail as a right of passage, this full colour, hardcover combines popular history and travel information for each important site, with maps and detailed instructions for exploring these sometimes hard-to-get-to places.
Camp people know that being able to drink bug juice without getting a bright red mustache is a right of passage. No matter how many years have passed, a camp person can still remember the exact words the camp director said to them when they were chosen to lead a Color War team.