right of recovery

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Legal advice, Urssaf Aquitaine defense and legal representation for the resolution of disputes under the social security law including the right to social protection and right of recovery before the courts comptentes.
However, such an Agreement with the Bank shall not impair the Bank's Right of Recovery of the full assessed amount of the Claim, if the Bank may have such a Claim on Other Parties Insured under the Policy.
The judge said that his ruling didn't create a legal right of recovery to shareholders, including Greenberg, who had sought at least $25 billion in damages.
If the culprit is apprehended and the courts include court-ordered restitution as part of the sentencing or plea, or in lieu of time served, the insurance carrier may have a right of recovery.
In affirming, the Second Circuit examined Argentina's law giving rise to the right of recovery under the prevailing party attorneys' fee statutes.
The civil suit was made possible by the proclamation of The Crowns Right of Recovery Act on May 31, 2012.
Still, it is better to assert this potential right of recovery at the outset of the case, and to await the decision of 12 good citizens, rather than lose the right through inaction.
2006), this right of recovery by Medicaid agencies is limited to the portion of the Medicaid recipient's settlement representing past medical expenses and cannot be extended to other portions of the settlement which represent a Medicaid recipient's unassigned private property.
However, the airlines have no right of recovery from Governments when they close airspace, ATC unions when they repeatedly walk off the job or airports who can't even clear snow off their runways.
However, this re-imbursement shall not obviate the lending institutions from the right of recovery of the defaulted amount, the Circular said.
The government of Alberta recently passed the Crown's Right of Recovery Act (1) (the Act), which will enable the Province to recover the costs of health services from automobile accidents, convicted persons, and, perhaps most significantly, tobacco manufacturers.