right of representation

See: franchise
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He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
The other States would no doubt insist on a proportion, by right of representation.
before the elections and grant the right of representation in provincial assembly and local bodies.
B) the original of the power of attorney to represent the contractor / contractors in the procurement award procedure or to represent in the proceedings and conclusion of the contract if the right of representation does not follow from the other documents enclosed to the tender, Or a copy of the above a power of attorney certified by a notary for compliance with the original.
Those who are mandated by their voters can not be deprived of their right of representation on some one wish, he added.
By removing the democratic right of representation from well-nigh half the referendum voters they make a mockery of democracy whilst falsely claiming they do this in the name of democracy.
The amended Article 42 (1) now says, "Economically, socially or educationally backward women, Dalits, indigenous Janajatis, Madheshi, Tharu, Muslim, backward classes, minority, marginalized groups, persons with disability, gender and sexually minority groups, farmers, labourers, citizens of the oppressed and backward regions, and economically weak Khas Arya shall have the right of representation in state organs on the basis of the principle of proportional inclusion.
He said that women representation has been made compulsory in all government institutions, autonomous boards, development and research centers and 25 thousand women have got right of representation under the law.
The right of representation is a legal fiction sanctioned by Article 970 of the Civil Code which provides that "representation is a right created by fiction of law, by virtue of which the representative is raised to the place and the degree of the person represented, and acquires the rights which the latter would have if he were living or if he could have inherited.
The state of detention that obstructs these duties is a clear violation of the right to be elected as it inhibits political activities and the right of representation.
There is another representative now and others possibly in future and we can't deny them their right of representation," he said in a Press conference after the Cabinet session.
Yet more, the United States transferred its right of representation in Libya to Turkey.