right of succession

See: reversion
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Article 1105 Civil code provides that: "(1) The inheritors of the deceased, without exercising the right of succession option, exercise it separately, each one for each one's part, within the term applicable to the right of option regarding the inheritance of their author.
Instead, the right of succession is handed to the eldest son, which means third-born child Hugh leapfrogs Lady Tamara and his other sister, Lady Edwina.
Because a co-adjutor bishop has the right of succession, upon Drainville's retirement that individual would automatically become the 13th diocesan bishop of Quebec.
The movable and immovable assets of late Sunanda are not yet ascertainable or estimable and the right of succession to her estate is still uncertain," he said in the statement filed on a petition from Suresh Kumar.
This idea that there's a divine right of succession, I challenge it and thoroughly," the gubernatorial candidate said Tuesday in a Capitol news conference.
The council have no discretion with regard to the right of succession.
The Act of Settlement signed by King Henry VI in October 1460 transferred the right of succession to Richard, Duke of York, and his heirs.
SO THE Government intends to remove the right of succession from the descendants of council tenants.
And the ascendancy of Prince William to pin-up boy Down Under owes more to his mother than to his Royal right of succession.
At the time, the Church refused to sanction marriages to those who had been divorced, while the Commonwealth prime ministers and the British government would not approve the union - unless Margaret renounced her right of succession.
Most princesses are Roman Catholic and, under our constitution, cannot marry William unless he forfeits his right of succession.
William Frederick did exceptionally well, consolidating his power and securing the right of succession to his offices for his sons, but he was always on the verge of attaining true power.