right to decide

See: freedom
References in classic literature ?
It is always the lady's right to decide on the degree of acquaintance.
Confession need harm no one--it can satisfy that test--and though it was un-English, and ignored by our Anglican cathedral, Leonard had a right to decide upon it.
that is not an official right, but an inner right to decide in his own conscience to overstep .
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian underlined the Syrian people's right to decide their own fate, and said combatant President Bashar al-Assad is also entitled to file candidacy for elections.
Sulaymaniyah / NINA /--The Kurdish Taghyir / change / movement confirmed that Kurdistan Democratic Party or any other party has no right to decide the fate of the movement on her behalf.
BEIRUT, Feb 14 (KUNA) -- Former prime minister of Lebanon and leader of the Future Movement Saad Al-Hariri said Saturday that his movement would not acknowledge any right for Hezbollah unless the latter admits the state's right to decide war.
The BJP has raised strong objections to the government going ahead with the process of appointing the next army chief, on grounds that its tenure is coming to end on May 16, and that the new government should have the right to decide who the next head of the army will be.
The Central Government has the responsibility and right to decide Hong Kong s constitutional development, and people should not neglect this foundation during political reform discussion.
The Teamsters Union was founded on democratic principles and we firmly believe that our members should have the right to decide how to respond to the company's proposal," said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee (TNFINC).
EVERY human being should have the right to decide when they die, says the widow of a "locked-in" sufferer.
Firstly, if a worker has an inalienable right to withdraw his labour, then surely the employer has the right to decide who he employs.
MORE than two-thirds of Scots believe religious organisations should have the right to decide whether to conduct same-sex marriages, according to a poll.