right to decide

See: freedom
References in classic literature ?
The question of other religions and their relations to Divinity I have no right to decide, and no possibility of deciding."
It is always the lady's right to decide on the degree of acquaintance.
Confession need harm no one--it can satisfy that test--and though it was un-English, and ignored by our Anglican cathedral, Leonard had a right to decide upon it.
that is not an official right, but an inner right to decide in his own conscience to overstep .
'This is in compliance with the decision of the APC National Executive Committee (NEC), which grants state chapters and the majority of party leaders in a state the right to decide on the mode of primary they wish to adopt.'
Joshua had the right to decide venue and date for a rematch as part of the contract for the first meeting in New York, with the financial terms set out - PS7m for Ruiz - but that has now risen to sweeten the deal.
The president said the people of Kashmir reserve the right to decide about their future and India must immediately stop oppression and state terrorism in the Indian occupied Kashmir.
Why don't people argue on the reasons provided in the constitution for giving legislators the right to decide according to their conscience and not vote on party dictates?
She has said the SNP will "work hard with others" to end Boris Johnson's premiership but warned a key election issue will be "who has the right to decide Scotland's future".
The protesters were holding banners and placards with slogans "Stop killings in Kashmir, "Kashmir bleeds - World sleeps", "Dear world Kashmir is bleeding", "Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris - Only people of Kashmir have the right to decide their future".
He said the Kashmir issue should be resolved through a UN brokered plebiscite as promised by India and the United Nations and Kashmiri people should be given the right to decide their fate according to their own will.
Political parties and civil society organizations held events and arranged rallies in cities of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Jhang and Mirpur in support of Kashmiris right to decide future according to their wishes.