right to determine

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Joshua had the right to determine the venue and date of the rematch as part of the agreement for their first meeting in New York.
The Minister pointed out that the efforts of the political solution in Syria should be focused on ending the conflict, stressing that the Syrian people have the right to determine their future, and that the Syrians decide them without any outside interference, and expressed the hope of achieving the desired success in ending the crisis.
The press office of the foreign minister said in statement that "The two sides discussed, during the meeting, efforts to restore security and stability in the region, and discussed the latest developments in the Syrian arena, and exchange views on ways to advance the political process and deal with the challenges of the humanitarian situation, as well as efforts to combat terrorism," "The Syrian people have the right to determine their future, and it is a matter that the Syrians themselves decide without any external interference," he said, adding that he hoped to achieve the desired success in ending the crisis.
Given that all the candidates have openly expressed their opposition to a second independence referendum, with Michael Gove (he of nose-candy fame) saying at the weekend that he would not facilitate "in any circumstances" another vote if he became Prime Minister, it is little wonder that many Scots view the contest as a competition between Cambridge-educated elitists intent on denying Scotland its democratic right to determine its own future.
The Charge d'Affaires at the Embassy of Sudan in Eritrea Mahmoud Hamza Mohamed said that the visit came at the invitation of the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki to the TMC President, pointing out that the views were identical during the talks between the two sides where President Afwerki expressed solidarity and support of the people and leadership of Eritrea to choice of the people of Sudan and its right to determine its destiny without any interference at the regional or international level.
WASHINGTON -- US President Donald Trump told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin Venezuelan people should be able to get aid they needed, while Kremlin leader warned against foreign interference and affirmed only Venezuelans have right to determine own future.
He stressed "the need to provide the necessary funds to rebuild the Camp in its old and new parts, and to compensate families and traders and respond to their rightful demands to hospitalization, relief aids and rent allowance." "Cuba will remain, with its people, army and presidency, in support of your just struggle against occupation and the deal of the century, and an advocate of your right to determine your fate in returning to your homeland and establishing an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital," Ambassador Murda assured.
I know that I lock my door at night since I know that I also have the right to determine who I welcome into my home.
The judges ruled that every school has a right to determine its rules.The church, which sponsors St.
WE in the Liberal Party campaigned for the referendum on the United Kingdom remaining in the EU or leaving, giving the British people their right to determine our future.
Cypriots have the right to determine their own fate in an independent state, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday, adding that the country to be passed on to the next generation should have sound foundations, guaranteeing a secure future in a prosperous country with a European identity.
The international community has no right to determine Palestinian narratives.