right to determine

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The College reserves the right to determine what is in the best interest of the college, and reserves the option to reject any bid(s), all bids, or a portion of a bid(s), on that basis.
Ambassador Trad called upon Government of Myanmar to grant full citizenship rights of the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, restore voting rights to them, allow their right to determine their ethnicity and to take all necessary measures to prevent sexual exploitation, including human trafficking in addition to cooperation with the international community to ensure return of all Muslim refugees and displaced persons from their homes, to ensure cooperation with all parties and to allow full access for humanitarian aid to them.
IRNA news agency said on Thursday that Zarif affirmed during his meeting with the UN envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura that Iran's political principle about the crisis is that it is the Syrian people's right to determine their own future.
ISLAMABAD -- Hurriyet Conference Jammu and Kashmir (HCJK) leader and the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF), Nayeem Ahmad Khan has said that the people of the territory will continue their struggle until they are given right to determine their political future by themselves.
The public are campaigning for the right to determine the nomination of the island's chief executive in the 2017 elections.
Pakistan hoped voters would once again demonstrate their firm resolve and exercise their right to determine their future through democratic means.
The UN reforms must reflect changes in the international system, particularly the increasing role of the developing countries, nations' right to determine their own fate and their right to use scientific progress and modern technologies," Araqchi stated, adding that Iran has always presented constructive proposals for the UN reforms.
Further, Ukraine must have every right to determine its own destiny.
On the Syrian question, Zebari stressed the importance of peaceful solutions and the Syrian people have the right to determine its future.
The amendments, which pave the way for implementation of the National Assembly's recommendations in Bahrain, exclude sit-ins outside international organisations with written authorisation by the Public Security chief who has the right to determine the number of participants as well as time and place.
Whenever employers oppose LMRA fees they are told go scold your MPs for giving us the right to determine fees rather than doing so themselves," he said.
The governments of the state have the right to determine the start of work according the Sunrise times in their states.