right to enter

See: ingress
References in classic literature ?
The Belgian, being one of Achmet Zek's principal lieutenants, might naturally go where he wished within or without the village, and so the sentry had not questioned his right to enter the hut with the white, woman prisoner.
Presented at the door, it would have been a symbol of his right to enter, and be made acquainted with all the secrets of the house.
But all that he said failed to convince me: partly, perhaps, because I could not comprehend a word that he uttered; but chiefly, that for the life of me I could not understand why a woman would not have as much right to enter a canoe as a man.
Doolittle, in the face of this court, put ting it to your conscience and your knowledge of the law, whether you had any right to enter that man’s dwelling?
We had a debate lately on the question: Has a member of the community the right to enter another member's room, whether man or woman, at any time .
When the king arrived great was his surprise at finding a strange lady in company of the grand treasurer who had no actual right to enter the private apartment.
Electronic auction: electronic auction for the right to enter into a state contract for the performance of major repair works at the krasnoznamensk city polyclinic
14 (ANI): In a landmark decision by the Supreme Court, a Parsi woman, who was barred from entering fire temples and Towers of Silence after marrying outside the community, was today granted the right to enter a Parsi temple in Gujarat.
New Delhi -- Women have the right to enter the inner sanctum of Haji Ali dargah, Bombay high court ruled on Friday.
Walk around and exit via front gates, then go along and turn right to enter riverside via large wooden gates.
The DUP launched a preelection offensive yesterday with to persuade unionist doubters it was right to enter Government with Sinn Fein.
His cameo on Wednesday night showed he still has the hunger - but now I hope he decides the time is right to enter a new phase of his career.