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What I do want to offer, as we consider the rights of management on one hand and those of workers on the other, is a perspective drawn from Catholic social teaching on the right to property.
"We have a huge interest and stake in the petition since our right to property is likely to be contravened and our interest and rights in the petition will not be articulated unless we are enjoined in the proceedings to be able to aid the court in determining the petition fairly and conclusively," the company told the court.But the two petitioners and the Murang'a County government objected to the application by Del Monte arguing that the company has no business to engage in the process of the lease renewal as that is the express mandate of NLC and the county government.
THE ADMIN court ruled that the freeze of incremental pay rises, the 3 per cent contribution to pensions and a cut in public parasites' pay (cuts were progressive with 12.5 per cent being the highest) was in violation of Article 23 of the constitution, regarding the protection of the right to property.
(4) Nevertheless, Australia had a response: the taking was lawful because states do not have a general right to property under international law.
In a rough definition, the right to property generates power for the property holder to use the property, benefit from its outcomes, sell or transfer it.
Forbes ranks 144 countries in the world by 11 criteria including: right to property, innovations, tax, technology, corruption, freedom (personal, financial, market), and protection and security of investors.
The Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia guarantees the investor's right to property. No person may be deprived of his/her property or the rights deriving from it, unless the use of that property affects the general welfare of the public.
The Indian Constitution and Social Revolution: Right to Property Since Independence
Article 40 on the right to property was adopted unchanged by a majority of 168 votes with seven abstentions.
HRC, suggests that the reason why the HRC has found a violation of Article 27 only in Ominayak, a case concerning using land in a way that interferes with the economy and life of Indigenous Peoples, stems from the fact that Article 27 lacks any reference to the right to property.
The governors of the border areas between the two countries also agreed to form an "action plan for the development of these areas and to facilitate consular services such as the free movement of persons, and the right to property and residency".
Justice Chauhan, who wrote the judgment, noted that the landowners in the case had been deprived of their immovable property in 1964, when the right to property was a fundamental right.