right to recovery

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They have further argued that banks continue to retain the right to recovery from these written-off accounts.
According to the SEC's order, more than 1,000 departing BlackRock employees signed separation agreements containing violative language stating that they "waive any right to recovery of incentives for reporting of misconduct" in order to receive their monetary separation payments from the firm.
Further, Charles did not make the client's claims in good faith and with full disclosure, causing the client to lose his right to recovery, when he would have been entitled to receive some compensation for his damages.
Special projects such as our Arbitration Management program are completed expeditiously so our clients can rest assured their right to recovery is being preserved.
That is, these courts found that the right to recovery of the attorneys' fees is not an element of the underlying foreign substantive claims.
Failure to report the loss may nullify a business's right to recovery, and there must be some proof of loss.
In conclusion, the appellate court rejected the insureds' argument that Miller's cause of action for negligent infliction of emotional distress required that they be provided a defense, noting that the facts alleged by Miller, not the "theories Miller proffered," controlled his right to recovery and thus defined the scope of Allstate's duty.
Chief executive Michelle Kerrigan warned: "Young people have the right to recovery and social inclusion but without the right commitment of investment from our Government, this unfortunately will not be a reality for many of them.
The right to recovery shall lapse after thirty days from the date on which the recovering person becomes aware of the sale.
The result is a body of jurisprudence of dubious value because later courts are hesitant to rely on opinions recognizing an employer's right to recovery without further legal support for the right.
For creditors, a right to recovery and a judgment to prove it may still not be enough to get relief.
Posner concedes that exceptions to the rule for certain public-sector benefits, like monies awarded through workers' compensation programs, suitably establish a governmental right to recovery of public funds without adversely affecting efficiency.