right to relief

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The Court of Appeal of California began its analysis by looking at the relevant statute for permissive joinder, which states, "If there is a right to relief arising out of the same series of transactions, it is the plaintiffs who decide whether to join together in a common action.
Summary: Private hospitals Wednesday promised to abide by the guidelines set out by Health Minister Wael Abu Faour, who accused health centers across Lebanon of treating them like "customers" and denying the poor the right to relief.
132(b) Under that rule, if a plaintiff offers in evidence only copies of USPTO records, the defendant may move for dismissal on the ground that, upon the law and the facts, the plaintiff has shown no right to relief.
The law gives borrowers the right to relief for material violations of specified provisions, including sections 2923.
To make it a means for promoting human rights is an ironic "retreat from the universal right to relief based on human need" (p.
You have the right to relief from penalties and interest under tax legislation because of extraordinary circumstances.
Neither party can establish a right to relief," judge Richard Posner wrote.
This extends even to cases where the plaintiff's right to relief necessarily depends on the resolution of a substantial question of patent law.
section] 1602, requires the court itself to decide whether the Plaintiff has a right to relief.
Even though undocumented immigrants have the right to relief like food, health care, and refuge in the wake of a disaster, immigration officers raided at least two Red Cross shelters.
However, it held that "factual allegations must be enough to raise a right to relief above the speculative level.