right to retain

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80m) The Powers of Contractor reserves the right to retain or Not one or more PES.
Migration means every country has a right to retain control over its borders, determine whom it wants to have and in what quantities and terms under which people should come in or not,' he said.
Under the terms of the Newcastle City Deal, the council has secured the right to retain all business rate growth in an area covering the site.
Freedom of faith and the undeniable right to retain or adopt any religion, without coercion and influence, are the democratic prerogatives of an Indian citizen and Modi is bound by oath to facilitate this.
The United States has the right to retain custody of a suspect from the commission of the alleged offense until completion of all judicial proceedings.
The NSA claims it is purging data on American citizens as a matter of policy, but maintains that it has the right to retain information relevant to an investigation.
RIL and its partner BP Plc officials on September 18 made a detailed presentation to the petroleum ministry contending that it had not deviated from the production sharing contract ( PSC) and had the right to retain the 1,130 sq km area.
In conjunction with the growth of company, we felt the timing was right to retain a "multi-services" accounting firm.
The member states nevertheless have the right to retain limited restrictions, particularly in the area of social security.
Spencer refused to give an indemnity and SF asserted the right to retain the embroideries till Spencer's title was confirmed.
Previous broadcaster bTV Media Group, which has the right to retain the rights if it matches any other offer, has so far shown no interest in discussing the terms of a new contract, club officials have said.
The Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Jia Qinglin, has said that China "supports Syria's right to retain the (Israeli-occupied) Golan Heights," the pan- Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Tuesday.