right to vote

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5m have lost the right to vote by the 15-year exclusion rule.
We call on all to respect the right to vote and warn those who aim to disrupt the elections or intimidate voters that they will face the full might of the law.
There are other member states which allow their EU nationals to maintain the right to vote under certain conditions, such as Austria, which requires overseas citizens to periodically renew their registration on the electoral roll, or Germany, which requires citizens to be familiar with and affected by national politics.
The PM has vowed that inmates will not be given the right to vote under his Government, saying the idea makes him feel "sick".
He said millions of Afghans lived in Pakistan, Iran, India, the US, and Europe, saying if resources were made available to them, they would grant overseas Afghan the right to vote.
In Britain, convicts lose their right to vote for the duration of their confinement.
It is the first time that the government has reached an out-of-court settlement with an adult ward over the right to vote.
If English MPs vote on English matters, logically Welsh or Scots MPs should have the right to vote on purely Welsh or Scots matters, which could a) make the Assembly redundant, or b) devolve all powers concerning Wales to Wales or c) give the Welsh MPs the right to vote on all legislation concerning Wales, before it is passed to the Assembly to rubber-stamp.
Bilawal said the PPP has always and will always stand by oversees Pakistanis and is committed to ensuring the right to vote for them in elections.
For almost 25 years, a group of women fought for their right to vote, calling on MNAs to pass legislation to that effect.
But the Electoral Commission has also warned that millions of people will lose the right to vote because they simply won't bother to register.
Saudi columnist Abdul Rahman al-Rashed praised Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz's decision to grant Saudi women the right to vote and stand in municipal elections.