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However, the bill excludes those right-hand drive cars which have distinctive license plates and those which participate in international traffic or are imported by foreign persons for a period not exceeding 6 months for further re-export.
Not really, and it isn't a matter of convenience, nor is it a simple matter of putting a left-hand stock on a right-hand action.
The subsidiary stated that it is committed to extending its reach in the European market, and will eventually offer the model as a right-hand drive model.
Morrison's attempted shot is blocked but Yakubu cleverly plays the loose ball out to Viduka, whose finish with a low drive into the bottom right-hand corner is both clinical and brilliant.
For example, on a first reading, the right-hand F-sharp in measure 2 might fall through the cracks if not for the realization that, although extremely brief, it actually completes the descent of an underlying third and is thus quite important.
Teaching points: When 1 throws the outlet to the right, 2 will shoot a right-hand layup.
By a freak of nature, he had been born with his heart on the right-hand side of his chest.
"Since import of right-hand drive vehicles was prohibited by Customs Union countries, we should do so too, otherwise it will conflict with requirements.
Virtually all plow companies (I have catalogs for several dozen dating back to the 1800s), made plows in both left- and right-hand versions.
Chrysler Group LLC (Chrylser), a United States-based automaker, is commencing production of its right-hand drive diesel minivans at its plant in Windsor, Ontario, according to sources familiar with the plans.
The student, in this instance, would concentrate primarily on hearing the right-hand melody/filigree in groups of fourteen and thirteen notes.
The Interior Ministry initiates the amendments to the law on traffic prohibiting import and registration of right-hand drive vehicles.