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48 thousand right-hand drive cars were imported to Kyrgyzstan only in 2014.
For example, on a first reading, the right-hand F-sharp in measure 2 might fall through the cracks if not for the realization that, although extremely brief, it actually completes the descent of an underlying third and is thus quite important.
Virtually all plow companies (I have catalogs for several dozen dating back to the 1800s), made plows in both left- and right-hand versions.
Since import of right-hand drive vehicles was prohibited by Customs Union countries, we should do so too, otherwise it will conflict with requirements.
The subsidiary stated that it is committed to extending its reach in the European market, and will eventually offer the model as a right-hand drive model.
Jennifer Hudson wore a brown diamond right-hand ring and 32-carat diamond necklace from Fred Leighton, while Jada Pinkett Smith sported her right-hand diamond ring with $1 million diamond stud earrings from H.
Any man that has ever plowed a day knows he can do more plowing and better plowing with a left-hand plow than he can with a right-hand one, simply because his lead horse walks in the furrow, and the plow cuts an even width and depth all the time, whereas with a right-hand plow the lead horse walks on the land and is continually bearing into the furrow, which makes the plow cut less and unevenly.
Player 1 outlets to 2 and the ball then moves from 2 to 1 to 3 and then back to 1 at about the foul line, who hits 2 for the right-hand layup.
The Interior Ministry initiates the amendments to the law on traffic prohibiting import and registration of right-hand drive vehicles.
When playing three against four or two against three or other combinations such as these between the hands, the student must be very secure with three things: the large pulse, the right-hand pattern as played in the pulse and the left-hand pattern as played alone within the pulse.