right-hand man

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He was considered a high-value target since he was tagged as the right-hand man of a big-time drug pusher.
The defection of Boris's right-hand man also shows "The defection of Boris's right-hand man also shows once again that UKIP is a party of Tory politicians, Tory policies and Tory money," the Labour MP added.
SVEN GORAN ERIKSSON will have a crunch meeting over his future with Thaksin Shinawatra's right-hand man immediately after today's game with Middlesbrough.
And Gatland would also like his right-hand man during Wales' RBS 6 Nations Grand Slam success, Shaun Edwards, to be involved.
Pardew, right, said he had crisis talks with the Charlton board in a bid to retain his right-hand man.
Across the river at the Pentagon, Rumsfeld's exit hits Cheney loyalists hard, as does the departure of Rumsfeld's right-hand man, Stephen Cambone, formerly the Pentagon's intelligence czar, torture-enabler and overseer of a vast expansion of domestic spying.
This underacknowledged African American was the right-hand man upon whom Robert E.
Guerilla Black and Bishop Lamont, he's my right-hand man.
Two of the men - accused ringleader Jonathan Idema and his right-hand man, Brent Bennett - were given ten year sentences.
Kadyrov was the Kremlin's right-hand man for efforts to restore stability to the war-torn region.
Widely recognised as Osama bin Laden's right-hand man, he is also the reputed architect of terrorist attacks worldwide.