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A "right-minded person" who wants an end to the killing without having a care as to its causes is not a right-minded person.
No right-minded person could stab or beat another human to death.
As if we haven't had enough distress with the Jerry Spring and Da Vinci Code's blasphemous attack on our holy Catholic faith, it is totally outrageous, and I cannot conceive how any right-minded, so-called superstar could think of such a terrible stunt.
This zero tolerance policy keeps me using the buses and I hope it will encourage other right-minded people to do the same
How any right-minded person can honestly believe that the speed camera is out to trap the motorist beggars belief.
Even right-minded Democrats have to agree, McClintock has always been the right choice to bring back the California economy and the respect we need to hold up our heads in our nation again.
The goal of every right-minded individual should be to squeeze out abuses and restore confidence in the decision-making process that governs CEO compensation--but to do it in a way that doesn't destroy the ability of CEOs to earn handsome incomes.
LIKE most right-minded people I've thought long and hard about the war with Iraq.
On one side are environmentalists, who fear any kind of cuffing in the woods--regardless of how right-minded the reasoning is--will cut the good stuff, the big trees.
Thrown together, the two find that individual Hyadeans can meld the best of both worlds in concert with right-minded Earthlings, including themselves.