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Here, in front of a group of privileged but right-minded young people, Jordan is at her most inspirational, demonstrating that, in spite of her sober vision of the very bleak landscape of the American nation-state, she remains a pragmatic and yet wildly and bravely idealist political activist.
Times have changed since the heyday of strict fundamentalist feminism and the restrictive influence of institutions like the NFB on movie subjects considered appropriate for right-minded Canadians.
ALL right-minded people must be horrified at destruction and murder perpetrated against Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan.
MEN and women who are ready every day to put their lives on the line to save others - any decent, right-minded society should regard such people as heroes.
How any right-minded person can honestly believe that the speed camera is out to trap the motorist beggars belief.
All this time right-minded citizens have been shouting for his arrest and deportation.
I TRUST that following your article "Doreen fights her own Poppy Appeal battle" (Nov 3), Sainsbury's will make a public apology to both Mrs Doreen Patrick and the Royal British Legion for the offence caused to them and right-minded people who have a high regard for our soldiers, past and present.
NO right-minded person would see anyone go without a crust of bread in their mouths.