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A few weeks after blanket installation, the Tall Fescue had germinated and propagated through the protective, moisture retaining barrier of straw blanket, turning the right-of-way slopes from brown to green.
The CDA owns the 11-kilometre long and 300 feet wide right-of-way along with a 150ft-wide strip of commercial land, most of which is occupied.
Although a male southern red-backed vole crossed the right-of-way in its natural movements, the few right-of-way crossings following translocation suggest the right-of-way formed at least a partial barrier to southern red-backed voles.
Plans call for the line to exit at the lakes' southern end, near Dresden, NY, and then extend through mostly right-of-ways along land until reaching the Hudson River in Catskill, NY.
However, the greatest magnet for such buildings is the proximity to major fiber-optic backbones and cables that reside along the railroad right-of-ways and under some highways and city streets.
The PL61 extendible counterweight helps the operator maintain stability with heavy loads or in steep terrain and can be retracted for maximum maneuverability in tight right-of-ways. Counterweight frames are available for both standard- and low-ground-pressure-track machines, and frame-conversion kits allow changing between the two configurations.
A full range of transportation services is available for the movement and placement of oil and gas transmission pipe, including: collection from rail depots, pick-up at manufacturing mills, delivery to Pen Ben terminal, delivery to stockpile or site, and stringing of pipe along right-of-ways. Circle #210
Station would be approximately four to five hectares in size on existing right-of-ways,
In a nutshell, Caltrans has decided that HDD poses a "clear and present" danger to California roadways and right-of-ways. The result is mandated HDD operator certification by Jan.