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Only with God's help can David or any of his successors rule righteously.
Such aspects include an emphasis on "local and national history, geography, and society," remembered correctly in two ways: first, recalled historically as "only what really happened" and, second, recollected righteously, according to the justice of both divine and human law (56).
Revelling starts similarly but at the end finds Ani with a band that rocks, well, righteously.
In so doing, we strive to realize the vision of our prophets, who taught us to "speak up, judge righteously, [and] champion the poor and the needy.
Comstock wanders through the city reciting fatuous verses about nature and issuing denunciations of materialism, before dropping into the tearoom where his sister works and righteously demanding another handout.
People are righteously adamant that things must be better, that they have a right to participate; or if denied that right that they will actively oppose or destroy the organization.
In almost all Hollywood films that pretend to take a moral stance, everybody knows that the filmmakers aren't righteously indignant about the subject matter.
Like all detours, this one took considerably longer than planned, and when I was through, I screened it for the faithful and got righteously drunk and fell in love with everyone who had a kind word to say about the film and swore revenge against all those who muttered noncommittally and then I went to bed knowing it was all over.
Member states, some of them righteously withholding the dues they owed, lectured the U.
Then he began to comprehend, especially after his bloody reckoning with Confederate troops at Shiloh, the folly of conciliating opponents who thought of themselves as so righteously superior.
Alla Martin, Head of Partner Relations Department, said: "Placing the primary attention of their research on oil and gas projects, companies and markets, OG Analysis is righteously considered to be one of the leaders in the sphere.
The line-up resembled if not the seven ages of man, then certainly seven complexions of comedy: slightly obsessive (Richard Herring), righteously irate (Steve Hughes), laconic (Tom Stade), impish (Keith Carter''s Nige), shy (Mark Watson), language-loving (Dave Spikey) and Fitzmaurice''s cheekie chappie.