rightful possession

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Bills have repeatedly been brought into Congress for the purpose, but without success; and our rightful possessions on that coast, as well as our trade on the Pacific, have no rallying point protected by the national flag, and by a military force.
She also hoped to get the roof over her head returned to her rightful possession. 'He is not only the CJP of a specific class.
In unlawful detainer, possession was originally lawful but became unlawful by the expiration or termination of the right to possess and the issue of rightful possession is the one decisive, for in such action, the defendant is the party in actual possession and the plaintiff's cause of action is the termination of the defendant's right to continue in possession.
A young wife might ask her new husband, "How many children should we have?" To which he might reply, "Let's just try for one of each." A few years later--with a bit of luck--little Timmy and Tammy are at each other's throats, contesting rightful possession of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Crayon, and so all is well in the time-space continuum.
The court held that once the affirmative defense of rightful possession had been validly raised by the defense, the state must disprove the rightful possession beyond a reasonable doubt.
These riots are about rightful possession of land and identity and, most importantly livelihood.
Throughout this study, the glue holding these disparate texts together is their deployment of what Yeager calls "crusade rhetoric." This manner of speaking about Jerusalem contains two chief topics; on the one hand it represents "Jerusalem as heaven on earth, a literal dwelling place for humanity, a sacred object for adoration, and the rightful possession of western Christendom" (7); on the other hand it insists upon the presence of the Other, generally conceived of as Muslims controlling the country.
We then took up the third point: that without a photo, there was no way to verify that the holder of an ID card had rightful possession of it.
The early Christian definition of so-called disposable income is that it is the rightful possession of the poor.
The board was apprised that Muhammad Zafar Maniar of Humair Associates was violating the terms of a plea bargain by handing plots over to allotees, denying the owners of their rightful possession of the plots.
STATE-RUN Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) has secured rightful possession of a 47-hectare property in Fort Bonifacio that could generate an estimated P47 billion for the government.