rightful power

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On the other hand, Hamas is not willing to relinquish what it considers its rightful power over the Gaza Strip and is egged on by Islamic powers such as Iran.
It is a tale of the usurping of rightful power and how, even facing a sure death, there is a way to bravely continue the message of justice.
If only Liverpool had won, Benitez could have been given his rightful power to put his own men at the core of operations at the pounds 3ma-year Academy, instead of having to build an alternative under-18 team.
I applaud those parents who wielded their rightful power to help block LAUSD's early August start plan.
Of course, the promotion of sympathy for others is less likely to be pursued than is the prohibition against metaphysical questions, in particular questions concerning the source of rightful power and authority.
Wrote Jefferson in reply, "I join you, fellow citizens, in rendering the tribute of thankfulness to the Almighty ruler, who, in the order of his providence, hath willed that the human mind shall be free in this portion of the globe; that society shall here know that the limit of it's [sic] rightful power is the enforcement of social conduct; while the right to question the religious principles producing that conduct is beyond their cognisance.
Amy shows her alternately arrogant and subservient husband how mouths can be sources of rightful power.
but also as an affront to this Court's undeniable and necessary authority to establish governi constitutional jurisprudence and the Congress's rightful power to regulate commerce," TEI said.
Supporters of the 60-year-old, US-educated engineer say he simply restored his rightful powers that the military grabbed from him.
Protesters in Tahrir have said they will not leave the square, in which they have been holding a sit-in for nearly a week, until Mr Morsi can restore his rightful powers.
He reassured Lebanese that Kataeb will be on the lookout until state institutions regain their rightful powers and authorities, and until Lebanon became sovereign and independent once more.
This doesn't come from any prejudice against outsiders, but from a prejudice in favor of the complete community, a community that is in full possession of its rightful powers to do for itself.