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The British aristocracy have done very well out of Ireland but now the time has come for the Irish people to claim what is rightfully ours, without fear on prejudice.
Surely, some of this negativity has been rightfully earned by us who, as nursing home operators, endeavor to take nickels and dimes to run multimillion-dollar operations, sometimes through shortcuts that are unacceptable when caring for human life.
The emphasis this year is rightfully on the sheer abundance of Aalto's work, on the process of its development, on its objectives and its significance over time.
Therefore, the IRS could not assess interest until October 15 of each year, when May used the funds that rightfully belonged to the government by applying the overpayment to the following year's estimated tax.
I am still waiting for the money I am rightfully owed.
If they really wanted to please us, instead of coming to my house with flowers, perhaps they should now start talking about stepping down tomorrow and putting my father in the place where he rightfully belongs.
This critique (slightly modified) is now the preface to Montaigne et la melancolie, and in it Fumaroli rightfully stresses the natural affinity between Screech and his subject matter: the religious and spiritual credo that lies at the heart of the Essais.
With geopolitical tensions, volatile prices and a tight supply/demand balance, all Americans are rightfully concerned about maintaining secure supplies of energy at reasonable prices.
The Valley's elected political leaders can rightfully take pride in their own achievement.
Nevertheless, conservatives have been rightfully angered over this attempted appeasement.
Albert Kroll is truly deserving of this award, and we appreciate the opportunity to rightfully recognize the Commissioner's commitment to our industry.
I and many other ex-convicts will attempt to reclaim our lives and rightfully take our place in society as citizens--a society that, more often than not, deems us unworthy of such status.