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National regulatory agencies require accomplishing self-determination and rightfulness within their domestic institutional (Lazaroiu, 2015) and political setting.
Positive Values denote a sense of rightfulness and goodness in our judgmental criteria based on our strong sense of what should be the ideal life.
But the very recognition of rightfulness of the sceptical thesis is carried out in the assertoric discourse, based on correspondence understanding of truth.
95) The majority in Johnston recognized the injustice their decision would cause, but the law was the law and could not be altered just "because one sympathizes very much with a large class of poor people who are supposed to obtain their living by the exercise of the practice of fishing in an area over which they have no legal right to claim the rightfulness of their practice.
Participatory entities have an educative role that fortifies the rightfulness and routine of political commitment in other realms but being in short supply if persons' ordinary experiences are designed as an accessory to a structure of production or organization (Peters, 2016b) that is impassable to the involvement of the employee.
Foucault aims to detach political reasoning from the tendency concerning issues of sovereign power and its rightfulness (the image of power in Western societies is still influenced by monarchy).
It highlights discussions regarding inspector authority and the rightfulness of inspection.
In addition to the rightfulness of achieving lasting peace for our people, a successful peace process will hasten integration and help achieve truly inclusive growth for all.
The Yang represents straight, bright, and encouraging characteristics that include propaganda tactics such as benefit appeal, rightfulness, alliance, steadfastness, we stand together, benevolence, and sage appeal, while the Ying is characterized by more devious, subtle, and threatening tactics like concealment, agitation, threat, confusion, evildoing, disunion, and showing weakness.
whether Tacitus deemed fas or any other term signifying rightfulness as
position was "sustained by policy and by a conviction of rightfulness.
Noting that both Arync and Ecelik were prominent figures in AK Party governments in the past, Tekin told reporters, according to the Milliyet daily on Wednesday, "Both personalities are [figures] well known by Turkey, [and] whose rightfulness we trust.