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For, as she rightly points out: "Not all OAPs like Scrabble and crosswords.
He has rightly said that no country can progress if it has no political stability.
New Delhi [India], Dec 21 ( ANI ): Social activist Anna Hazare on Thursday refused to comment on the verdict of the 2G spectrum allocation scam cases and said we are no one to judge the court's verdict adding whatever they decide is correct and rightly done.
become more rightly so, of but there very reliable test for The difficulty is, that even if prostate cancer is found, it can be unclear what treatment is best, if any.
Newcastle fans are rightly aggrieved at the moment as, on balance, it doesn't appear as if enough decisions are going the Magpies' way.
Ambassador Haley rightly said the force was "not doing its job effectively.
This is an abhorrent crime and quite rightly they will have been jailed for a considerable amount of time.
This is the first point for reflection; how much have we looked into the heart to see rightly and see what is essential?
The Trust is rightly proud of the midwife and I am delighted to hear the baby is doing well.
A fascinating new book, The Black Door*, by two experts in the spying game, reveals that Wilson rightly feared a number of secret elements - both domestic and foreign - were seeking to de-stabilise his government.
I think the Telegraph should start a fundraising appeal to raise enough money to get this old veteran war hero exhumed and bury him again with all the respect he so rightly deserves.
40 Down Royal 3m2f ATR Card page 95 FINE RIGHTLY, a commendable third in the Irish Gold Cup last month, drops in class today and faces what appears a straightforward task against only two rivals in the feature on the St Patrick's Day card at Down Royal.