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If Robyn Lewis feels that the Welsh language and culture, of which he is rightly proud, is being eroded, then I suggest that he visits certain areas of England in which he might assume that he had been mysteriously transported to some far off place!
Where, he rightly asks, are the voices of the working people and the poor in contemporary journalism?
Chernaik and Dzelzainis's collection of essays on Marvell, on the other hand, rightly "could be said," according to its editors, "to represent the current state of scholarship on Andrew Marvell and on the relationship between literature and its historical context in the seventeenth century" (1).
McLaren here writes a rare international history, insisting, rightly, that national histories "can blind us to the more important sex and gender conventions that the nations of Western Europe and North America share".
The Court rightly said the harassment must be severe--distinguishing between illegal acts and everyday playground behavior.
In his Introduction, editor Robert Gooding-Williams rightly declares that, "whether we know it or not, Du Bois's writing continues to shape our own thinking about issues of racial and cultural identity.
Done rightly, Darman argues, the tax hike need not have spelled defeat for Bush; after all, Reagan quietly raised taxes year after year following 1981, and all was forgiven.
Passion was rightly viewed by McKenzie as the engine for Don Quixote, and his spectacular opening cast delivered with maximum force.
In fact, this is the area where the owners have been living for ages and surely remain vulnerable against what you rightly described as unbridled mafia with connections within the highest echelons of power.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 21 (ANI): Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Thursday refused to comment on the 2G spectrum allocation scam case verdict and said the Special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court's decision was "correct and rightly done".
FINE RIGHTLY, winner of the Daily Mirror Chase in Down Royal last time, looks a cut above his seven rivals in the Grade 3 Imperial Call Chase in Cork tomorrow.
THE Grand Old Man of Tyneside boxing has been rightly honoured.