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Anthony Sheffield's "United States of America, Government, Religion, Christianity, Law, Illegalities; God 1st Priority~His Rightness, Provided Rights, Holy Bible; Not Self-Idol Selfishness" should be brought to the personal attention of each and every member of the Christian community regardless of their denominational or political affiliation.
Accordingly, the rightness of an action is determined by considering the laws and standards.
It has rewritten the record books again and again for sports car sales and its recipe of light weight, driver focus and simple front engine and rear drive layout just has an inherent rightness about it that hasn't dated.
Muhyiddin added that he has published a number of researches, which confirm the rightness of the theory of discovery in the European Journal of Science.
I believe that if Pyotr Poroshenko is a 'president of the peace' and he held really sincerely talks on the Minsk document, he must safeguard his rightness and thus neutralize those who want to plunge Ukraine into civil war again," Lavrov said in an interview with Vesti Weekly TV program.
Obama needs to build a complicated case very carefully, and persuade Americans of its rightness and feasibility.
This may, with retrospect, appear to be tinged with a certain imperial Anglo-Saxon racism, but a belief in the rightness of the British political, economic and legal system was shared even by most radical politicians.
If nobody decides to prove its rightness by means of force, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will stay the way it has
Giles Fraser, former Canon at St Paul's Cathedral, questions the rightness of holding Thatcher's funeral service in St Paul's.
Her belief in the rightness of life gives my heart wings to soar with God's angels.
A longstanding debate within moral theory, and consequentialism especially, concerns the extent to which rightness depends on the agent's epistemic and other limitations.