rigid control

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A rigid control, from the next day, was, as I have said, to follow them; yet how often and how passionately, for a week, we came back together to the subject
Since the conclusion of the war, domestically defeating the LTTE, they failed to emotionally connect to the Tamil people in the North, who were under the despotic rule and rigid control of the Prabhakaran clique.
All revenue derived from food and beverage sales will remain the property of the Authority; consequently the selected Proposer will be required to comply with rigid control procedures as may be prescribed.
Or rather, he wants to exercise the same rigid control that Iran has over its universities.
The Association asked a number of measures from the government, including introduction of seasonal duties of 30% for imported eggs, rigid control over quality and quantity of import eggs.
The rigid control of parking areas means the outlet is isolated from any passing trade.
David Holmgren, Chief Investment Officer, Hartford Healthcare, a speaker at the marcus evans Foundations & Endowments Investment Summit Spring 2012, on removing rigid control mentalities to better handle investment risks.
We needed rigid control over confirmations and invoicing and chose Thunderhead because it would give control back to our users.
Massachusetts officials largely understand that education is first and foremost about quality, high expectations and what works, and not about exercising rigid control over curriculum and ideology.
I just hope he doesn't turn into what Tom Cruise has become--a rigid control freak consumed with fury at the hand life has dealt him.
It maybe understandable that the organisers wanted to lose no one in the waters, hence the rigid control, but other incidents were less acceptable.
Maadi, for example, used to belong to Cairo governorate, and was subject to the rigid control of governor Abdel-Azim Wazir.