rigid routine

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surrender rigid routine in favour of allowing personal expression
But when grandparents insist that you need a rigid routine because otherwise the tiny Machiavellian creature gurning up from the bouncer will sense your weakness and take advantage of you - well, that's the time to stop listening.
A lot of parents are divided on the subject of rigid routine versus baby-led parenting.
Making it up as he goes along, our indecipherable hero analyses sliding soldier Johnson Beharry's rigid routine and announces: "They call that the jerk chicken plank.
Some people say a few days old is too early to start a rigid routine but part of me thinks you should start as you mean to go on.
A rigid routine, led admirably by the ward manager, ensured everything ran like clockwork, with every team member pulling their weight - from the efficient sisters to the dedicated cleaners.
He had become frustrated with the rigid routine at the group home and sought out assistance from the Easter Seals' supported living program.
The family also followed a rigid routine of shutting all the doors in the house and unplugging all electrical items each night before bed which, Station Officer Sean McGrath today said, had played a crucial part in their escape.
It's the chance for a well-deserved time-out and some of the chaps take the chance to get an hour's sleep before settling back into their rigid routine.
What Whitehouse did not know when he got to Hong Kong was that preparing for a tournament is not a matter of rigid routine.