rigid routine

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But, according to Dr Valeria Risoli, a clinical psychologist based in Dubai, children have to be stimulated from a young age to try new things in order to make them "stronger emotionally, reduce the sense of anxiety that might occur when our rigid routine is changed and stimulate our curiosity and imagination".
The only two interruptions in a flathead's rigid routine of eat, rest, and repeat are seasonal.
Or when a pipe bursts in his house in Cairo, and he spends his day vexed, and his rigid routine is disrupted.
Though workers constructed blinds via a fairly rigid routine, the sporadic placement of orders created an unpredictable pace of general labor.
For those on the spectrum, having a rigid routine disrupted and being challenged in court could be immensely stressful; they struggled with prison, yet community placements could be hard to find, Mather said.
Was the upset from change in a rigid routine known only to the child?
Imagine the excitement of volunteering to fight for your nation overseas, the pride of selection, the harshness of training, enjoyment of rewards followed by a celebratory departure overseas; but then, the rigid routine, boredom, frustration, anticipation and fear--these are the emotions of war.
surrender rigid routine in favour of allowing personal expression
But when grandparents insist that you need a rigid routine because otherwise the tiny Machiavellian creature gurning up from the bouncer will sense your weakness and take advantage of you - well, that's the time to stop listening.
A lot of parents are divided on the subject of rigid routine versus baby-led parenting.