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However Brock shows that even without this assumption, the wide scope version of rigidified descriptionism will have a problem very similar to the one shown here.
In fact, of course, as all South Africans more or less understand, apartheid was not the beginning or end of racial segregation in the broad sense: it codified, or rigidified what was the common sense understanding of most people.
Unionizing efforts have typically not reached out in any adequate way across these boundaries and in some cases has rigidified them (262-644, 268).
It is anxiety as well as desire that audit culture mobilizes, in academic worlds populated by self-selecting over-achievers, to sustain a rigidified fantasy hostile to real learning work.
Doesn't artistic complexity by its very nature speak to epistemological ambiguity, particularly in a writer who was very aware of moral, psychological, and metaphysical incongruities and deliberately fashioned them as a response to the rigidified persecuting spirit of his Calvinist ancestors?
This is a distortion in the sense that these ethical insights have been rigidified into abstractions and are held quite independently of the positions that these philosophers actually held on public policy issues that are now discussed in business ethics.
And writers can stretch themselves a bit, somehow loosed from rigidified constraints.
Cultivating self-awareness to examine those assumptions in an open, attentive, and curious way can help the clinician deconstruct categories that have become rigidified and less germane to the patient's situation (Borrell-Carrio & Epstein, 2004; Epstein, 2003).
Many of us were working outside the academy, using research to inform the many transformations of health, community and human service institutions taking place in the rigidified social order of a post-war welfare state.
Understandably, style is rigidified by Cui's sense of entrapment, but the point is driven home with wearying dullness.