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This kind of rhetorical invention is hybrid energy at play, the mythic transgressions of Coyote, an interaction of irony and metaphor that disrupts the reductive, materialized, metonymical rule of rigidified conceptual boundaries in the fearful and fearsome discourse of undemocratic exclusion.
The rigidified FRP tube arch technology underwent nearly 5 years of development and testing by principal investigator Habib Dagher, Ph.
Islamic shari'ah that was founded in pristine Islam, shaped by "ulema during the golden ages of Islamic civilization, and rigidified during the ages of civilizational decline, became the core of clerics' political agenda as the framework of Islamic revivalism.
It seems not to occur to the theorists referenced above that one can be a murderer capable of precise planning, yet pathologically dissociated from guilt or remorse--suffering from defective empathic structures, trauma that undermines rationality, motivates defensively hostile responses, and engenders regressive and rigidified thinking that only conceives of the world in starkly divided categories of black and white, or utter good and evil, disallowing ambiguity or dissention.
In such rigidified political circumstances courts are called upon by resourceful individuals and interest groups to intervene.
However, to keep the dissociation from becoming more widespread and the fragmentation from becoming rigidified, the traumatized person needs to have someone capable of providing comfort and respite, even if it is only experienced as an "oasis" in the badlands of abuse.
This is a distortion in the sense that these ethical insights have been rigidified into abstractions and are held quite independently of the positions that these philosophers actually held on public policy issues that are now discussed in business ethics.
And writers can stretch themselves a bit, somehow loosed from rigidified constraints.
Beginning with the title, a common Irish saying that draws attention to a tendency to feign poverty, O'Brien's novel is more an attempt to foreground and undo the rigidified, cliched images of Irishness by irony and parody than it is a direct critique of the Irish, a fundamentally different enterprise.
It may well allow a break with the thoroughly corrupt and rigidified regimes of the region, and this alone will seem sufficient for many.
diverse societal nexus were hugely amplified and rigidified, with